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“After you’ve been shown how to do it once, the construction of the yurt couldn’t be simpler”.

Ben Greenings, Kendal

“The quality of build is, in my mind, the best on the market, and has stood the test of farm life”.

Steve Carruthers, Farmer
Wildwood have remained professional and flexible throughout the development or our plans and committed to ensuring our yurts were on site and ready by our deadlines”.

Beren Aldridge,
Growing Well Co-ordinator
“Our yurts have already withstood exceptional weather conditions. They are strong and sturdy, providing a solid base for our operations”.

Beren Aldridge,
Growing Well Co-ordinator

"About four years ago I started to develop an outlet for university students at the Penrith campus, related to supporting experiential approaches to the outdoors. At the time I realised that to capture the students imagination I needed to focus on a unique and novel workspace that would engage the students creativity. During this early period I was fortunate to come across 'Wildwood' who were in the early stages of developing their concepts of Yurts as spaces for learning. With a little leap of faith by the University of Central Lancashire we were able to purchase one 20ft Yurt.

Our early experiments to say the least were very successful. Not only did we engage the students imagination, but our unique space attracted a number of partner based programs with others looking to facilitate communal activities in the outdoors.

As our project progressed, our needs became more diverse as our creative relationship with this new space developed. During this stage Wildwood were not only able to keep up with our (often!) random demands, but more importantly provide us with sound advice about design of space and structures that can support it.

Currently our project has grown into a fully fledged Yurt village, which accommodates a variety of programs through 'Frontier Education', a name we use to identify our student centred programs based in (and out!) of the yurts. Wildwood have provided us with a platform to culture our ideas of engaging others in shared learning experiences...and to some degree I am sure we provided them the space to see their designs in action.

I would highly recommend anyone with similar creative or imaginative ideas in the making, or even those searching for a space that is versatile and different to contact Wildwood. Their approach is both professional and adaptable to personal requirements, and their support is no less than 100%... if you unsure you’re welcome to visit our learning spaces"

Paul Horton, Founder of Frontier Education
Course Leader for the Foundation Degree Outdoor Education
University of Central Lancashire
“Having hired two yurts from Wildwood, once for the Kirkland Music Festival in 2003, and for our own wedding in 2004, we would like to comment on how impressed we were with the overall quality and design of Wildwood’s products”.

N. Pannu & R. Cocker, Eclectic Events
“At our wedding the 40ft yurt provided a fantastic and atmospheric venue in torrential rain, easily withstanding two tremendously wet days. Complete with a beautiful wooden floor, it made a very stylish and unique venue”.

Nisha, Kendal
“Having had hundreds of weddings here over our 27 years at Riverdale Hall Hotel, we had one really special one last year in the most wonderful of settings - a yurt. The friendliness and service we received from the firm was terrific”.

John, The Riverdale Hall Hotel
Wildwood yurts came with a high recommendation. We certainly weren’t let down. The quality of service was brilliant”.

Veronika, Publisher/Editor, ‘The Mother’ Magazine
“The Criminal Justice System is not the most engaging of subjects to most people, but our yurt has proven extremely useful for attracting people in to talk to us. There is heaps of space inside and the frame provides an excellent display facility”.

Rachel Axon, Cumbria Criminal Justice Board
“Robust, simple, adaptable, elegant and most of all, they have a real ‘wow’ factor”.

Steve Carruthers, Farmer
“We have found that they warm quickly and are very comfortable”.

Beren Aldridge, Growing Well Co-ordinator
“The yurt has been well designed for ease of erection, storage and for long service, using quality materials. We have used it in various locations and on differing surfaces, from grass to decking and tarmac and after one year of fairly heavy use, it shows no signs of age”.

Colette, Pitlochry Theatre
“Wind, rain or shine, it certainly stands the test. A team of four can erect the 40ft structure in around 3-4 hours. Because we can do this ourselves there is a huge cost saving to be made vs. hiring in a marquee”.

Nik, Made in Cumbria

“During a thundery summer camp for over 60 people, the yurts provided us with a safe, cosy and welcoming refuge. We recommend them without reservation!”

Veronika, Publisher/Editor, ‘The Mother’ Magazine
“The assembling and dismantling of a yurt is understandably quite a skilled process; but on both occasions we have found Wildwood extremely efficient in delivering, assembling and dismantling the products – always meeting our demands and time schedules”.

Rob, Kendal
“Its warm and dry inside, something that is absolutely essential when you’re spending days in it at ‘summer’ shows. The yurt was a great investment, and the after sales support from Wildwood has been particularly impressive”.

Rachel Axon, Cumbria Criminal Justice Board

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