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“We purchased three 40ft yurts and they have made a fantastic difference to the year round operation of Robinwood Activity Centre. They have provided the opportunity to get large groups of children under-cover without the expenses of building more permanent structures. We regularly run activities in two of the yurts for groups of around 60 children and have built a low ropes course in the third. Teachers and children love using the yurts; it enhances the activities when they take place in such a different and exciting structure.”

Martin Vasey, Robinwood Activity Centre



Coming from a background of furniture design and joinery manufacture, we have the expertise to provide customers with the best yurt frame on the market. The structure withstands a varied climate as well as satisfying the customer’s individual requirements and vision. Our expert knowledge of yurt manufacture and design comes from running a yurt hire business, where every size of structure and component is tested continuously, plus answering a variety of customer needs and options, which has led us to review design on an ongoing basis. To us, this is an exciting challenge, and one which we have always believed worthy of substantial investment. We are passionate about generating new ideas that are regularly tried and tested until proven and ready to be used in standard design.

Our quality products start with the careful selection of all timber used in our frames. The majority of our frames and additional components are manufactured from European redwood. Alternatively, we are happy to make frames from a variety of different timbers, examples of which are English ash and oak.


Our lattice walls are made up of a different number of wall packs depending upon the customer’s chosen size of yurt. Each pack is manufactured to be lightweight and compress easily, making it simple to handle, store and transport. Being compact, they are quick and straightforward to join to other packs with our unique join and lock stainless wall brackets. Each wall pack comprises of a number of wall sticks which are bolted together using smooth plastic ended stainless bolts to form the lattice. Every wall stick is treated with preservative where they go to ground, then finished with coatings of wood oil and varnish.


A 6mm galvanised wire runs around the circumference of the top of the lattice wall. The rafters are fixed in place using the tension wire, which maintains the circular shape of the walls under load. It has a point load of 950kg, and because it is galvanised, has a guaranteed ten year lifespan.


Our rafters come in two sizes and varying lengths depending upon the diameter of the yurt. For permanent installations we use a thicker section, giving our roofs an impressive wind and snow loading capacity. You may require our yurts for their ability to be taken down and moved seasonally, so we supply a lighter section rafter, making them even easier to transport and build. All rafters are moulded and profiled to be smooth to handle and cause little wear to the coverings. All rafters are finished using oil and varnish.


Our crowns are manufactured from shaped sections of 4mm birch plywood. They are laminated and compressed in a bonded and multi-layered section, making them lightweight and very strong. Our crowns have a number of stainless steel rafter brackets affixed to them, ensuring construction is trouble free when rafters are connected. All of our crowns are then stained and protected using two coats of clear varnish.


These are manufactured to be supplied, assembled and permanently fixed together; or supplied with brackets and bolts to make a kit frame that is easy to assemble and tighten. Our door frames are manufactured in single door or double door width. Thresholds are treated with preservative and then oiled and varnished, as with the other components. All are made to work with either a fabric zip, on-off, and roll up door or have our range of wooden doors simply hung on stainless high load, lift on and off hinges.

We offer three styles, all chosen from time proven designs:

BOARDED, LEDGED AND BRACED: Offered in two thicknesses, for either permanent, high use settings, or lightweight, for home and temporary use.

FRAMED AND BOARDED: Made using traditional wedged, mortice and tenon joints, these are standard 44mm external door thickness, making them very robust and best suited to permanent installations.

TOP GLAZED, FRAMED AND BOARDED: Manufactured using traditional joints again, these doors offer additional light into your yurt, without the loss of security.

All our doors are treated using a four coat system; one coat of preservative, two coats of ultra-violet resistant stain and a top water sealant, making them durable to all elements and ensuring their longevity. We offer a variety of door furniture depending upon your application and need, from antique, black door-knobs and bolts with surface mounted locks, to fire escape panic bars with high rated insurance locks.


We manufacture floors for our yurts in a variety of ways depending on the yurt’s temporary or permanent nature. If you require a temporary installation we make the floor in small interlocking panels in either smooth or profiled (non-slip) tongue and grooved boards, aiding portability and storage. For permanent use, we either build large panels (smooth floor boards) that will lock and fix into a solid floor or longer, thicker, profiled panels that lock together. All flooring is manufactured from European redwood or English larch and is pressure treated to maximise durability. Additional finishes can be applied to smooth floors at the customer’s request.


If your chosen site is based on a slope, this can be overcome by placing your yurt on a timber deck with a supporting framework underneath. We manufacture decks in all their component parts as a standard package, to be delivered as a kit for your local carpenter to build for you. Alternatively, we offer a design facility that can be custom made for your particular choice of site. Our decking is manufactured from pressure treated European redwoods, as are any additional features, including staircases, hand-railing and ramps.

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