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“We use our 40ft yurt as a fine dining restaurant at one of the counties biggest outdoor shows, Holker Hall Garden Festival. The original and spacious design creates a unique ambience for our diners, with the construction and exterior form creating a memorable focus point for any event”.

Nik, Made in Cumbria



Our canvas covers come in white, green or brown, with white being best for light passivity. All are made up out of 391grams (12 oz.) per square meter of A grade, highly breathable cotton. The covers are proofed to British Standards 7837 (1996), which includes fire, rot and mildew retarding agents. They are manufactured slightly oversized and later shrink to an exact fit.


P.V.C covers are lacquer finished and UV stabilised, which means that they maintain their condition in high or low temperatures. They are made up using 630 grams per square meter and are proofed to M2 European specifications. Tailored to an exact fit, as no shrinkage occurs, our covers are also treated with an anti-fungicidal and fire retardant is inherent throughout the cloth. P.V.C offers less light passivity than cotton, but white reflects the maximum amount of light through our windows. P.V.C is not breathable as a material and therefore requires ventilation for certain uses. As with our canvas covers, P.V.C comes in white, green or brown as standard, but a broader range of colours can be offered in this material.


A one-piece truncated cone is used for all roof fabrics except for the 40ft yurt, which has a two-part roof that overlaps and is laced together. Sewn onto the roof is our valence which drops from the roof to the start of the wall by 200mm, providing a water-tight seal where the tension band is fitted. Whether the roof is made of P.V.C or canvas, it is comprised of ‘cheese sections’ that are sewn or welded together to ensure complete weather-proofing.


To allow maximum light into our yurts, regardless of their colour, our wall fabrics come with two large windows in clear P.V.C as standard. An external cloth covering can be rolled and tagged up or down into a shut position. All canvas walls have a P.V.C section 300mm wide, where they meet the ground, as a more wearable and easy to clean barrier. Our wall fabric is hooked to the inside of the roof valance, keeping the roof taught and guaranteeing a reliable seal.


All our yurts come with a six legged, star shaped, crown cover that is glazed in the centre with a translucent P.V.C circle, matching the opening in the wooden crown. The six legs radiate and descend over the roof and valance, where a reinforced eyelet has a pre-stretched rope to guy this section to ground.


This is a 150mm wide section of cloth that runs the full circumference around the roof valance. The band is supported by cloth tags, which are stitched to the roof, and is tensioned using a ratchet strap. The roof fabric is therefore kept taught to the wall fabric, preventing draught or rain from entering the yurt.


Zip on/off, roll up and tag, fabric doors are provided as standard for all of our yurts. These are fixed to the door frame in such a way that should you want a pair of wooden doors they will not hinder their arc and fitting.

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