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“Our three yurts form the focal point for our whole site. Their unique interiors have provided our organization with a strong sense of identity and community. Interest in our new project has been support by local curiosity and appreciation for our yurts. Our three yurts are interlinked creating a series of different spaces for our needs”.

Beren Aldridge, Growing Well Co-ordinator



Beyond our standard one doorframe, we can offer our customers three alternative options of doorway or multiple doorframe positions. Our standard position includes a doorframe at south position, with windows within the wall fabric at west and east. Other options available are up to four doorframes at south, west, north and east. We can position windows beyond the standard two, located between doorframes as your vision or needs require.

Within our P.V.C. coverings we are able to offer you windows of any length in our fabric with or without roll down external covers.


We make up and supply emergency exit lighting systems adjacent to our doorways. These are used in our large structures and comply with fire regulations. We are happy to advise on any extra lighting needs that you may have.


If you require more than one yurt, you may want to have them linked together. We achieve this by supplying two timber-framed, externally boarded panels and one pre-shaped, multi-celled clear P.V.C roof panel. The boarded panels are fixed to the door frames, leaving the P.V.C roof to be fixed both to the tunnel sides and the door frame heads. This produces a beautifully lit, walk-through passageway.


For any business requiring marketing information, logos or contact details to be displayed on the yurt externally, we can adhere your specification (colour and text) to the tension band. This is the section of fabric which runs the full circumference of the roof valance.


We offer our clients a package of training for each size of structure, including direction on how to construct the framework, fit coverings, disassembly, packing away, storage and maintenance. Training can be based at either our own or our customer’s site upon delivery. Another option is our method statement; a comprehensive step-by-step guide to all aspects of yurt construction and care.


1. We offer a nationwide delivery service for our goods. We will deliver to your site, where we can offer a complete training package, leaving you confident about how to manage your yurt.


Alternatively, we can send your goods packaged, via a courier service, with a method statement that will guide you or your local carpenter in the building of your yurt.


Often customers choose to collect their yurts directly from our site, saving themselves delivery or packaging costs.


Your yurt can be heated very simply by using one of our two sizes of multi-fuel burners, making it a cosy environment to live or work in regardless of bad weather conditions. We can supply a kit of parts to our clients including stainless steel flue pipes, a fabric flashing component for the flue to exit through the wall fabric and an external support system for the flue pipe outside the yurt. The kit is designed in such a way that there is no risk of heat transfer to fabric.

We have also designed a fire basket, complete with a hanging system, which will hold an outside fire or barbeque. This is ideal for a camp fire setting, without the risk of damage to grass or fire spreading through carelessness.


In addition, or as an alternative, to our burners, we have also created a method of insulation that is inherent in the fabric make-up of your yurt. Having researched and tried many different materials for the purpose of insulation, we now use a company called ColPro (UK) Ltd. ColPro have designed a lightweight and thin material, which we believe is most suitable for our structures. This product is 7mm thick and sandwiches trapped air within reflective foils that are encapsulated in a flame retardant polyethylene liner. The liner protects the integrity of the insulation allowing for easy cleaning and a wear free system. Our insulation panels are tailored to all doorframe and window options we offer. The u values of this product are 0.55 w/m2k to 0.71 w/m2k.

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